Episode 1 Riding the hormonal wave
Paige speaks with Celeste about hormones, parenting, starting and weaning off anti-depressants plus how yoga fits with all of this.

  • The GP told me anti-d’s would change my life. He also never gave me an invitation to return.
  • Anti-d’s took the sting out of my words but they also took away my tears and laughter.
  • I don’t think I was leading the healthiest of lifestyles before I started taking them. I think I should have addressed this first.
  • Women aren’t designed to conquer the world every week of the month.
  • Your body is in mourning for a few days every month when it doesn’t fall pregnant. Give it a break.
  • There is a natural law of low and high. It works in a wave that although fluid, has a predictable and dependable element. Learn to read the wave.