We haveto startsomewhere.

I wroteyou abook.

“I couldn’t stop reading this. It made such an impact in a difficult time with a family member. Do you mind if I put the last page on the noticeboard at work? The hospital really needs it.” (Carol, 2017)

“Oh my goodness! This is amazing. I’ve left it lying around so hopefully one of my adult kids will read it.” (Trina, 2017)

“Best sun salute I’ve come across.” (Craig, 2016)

“One of your personal stories particularly resonated. It allowed me to see a similar situation in a different, more positive light.” (Lisa, 2016)

“As a practicing Buddhist, I was familiar with the philosophies but now I really understand them. Perhaps it was how it was written, simply and beautifully and also that it was delivered alongside yoga but I’m reading it now for a third time and each time it’s deeper and more meaningful.” (Victoria, 2016)